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Learn About the New S Wave Thermal Set Makeup: Katherine Quiel

National Hair Competition
for Students Only

Egidio Borri is one of the most famous and respected Style Artist in Italy
Photo: Stefano Bldini
Makeup: Glampletro Lolli

About Style Stars

Welcome to Style Stars Global Hair of the most rewarding Hair Style Contests ever created in the history of the hair and beauty industry.

I am Jesse Briggs, founder of Yellow Strawberry Global Salons and President of Style Star USA, Inc. I am proud to present this unique opportunity to every style artist around the globe. As long as you are a licensed hair professional, you may enter this hairstyle competition and compete for all of the phenomenal prizes.

I believe that every hairstylist or hairdresser should have the opportunity to be called a Style Artist, so that the simple term hairdresser will advance, giving people the optimum understanding of a hairdresser's true artistic talents.

Today's hairdressers and hairstylists are involved in a very dynamic and ever-changing industry that demands a multitude of creative and client-oriented goals. Not only are they faced with the challenges of creating modern looks, they must create and revive the looks and fashions of the past into current styles of today and tomorrow.

There are so many great, hidden talents around the world who have yet to be recognized. I created this hair style contest to encourage all of you to explore and unveil your artisty on the international stage.

I invite you and every Style Artist in the world to explore your talent and join Style Stars. Each contest applicant will be listed in our worldwide directory and will benefit from appearing on what is destined to become one of the most visited websites ever.

You now have a chance to become the most famous style artist in the world -- a "HAIR IDOL", if you will -- and experience the success you've always dreamed about. So go for it!

Jesse Briggs
Style Stars Inc.

Jesse Briggs is a member of Intercoiffure America/Canada Since 1974

Style Stars™
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