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Top Ten Makeup Tips

Whether you're planning a makeup strategy for the Style Stars Global Hair Contest or for your own clients, it's important to have the basics well in hand before you put brush to face.

Katherine Quiel knows the basics and a whole lot more. She's a celebrity makeup artist with more than 11 years working for high-profile show biz clients like MTV and Cirque du Soleil. And she's one of our esteemed judges in the Style Stars Contest.

By Katherine Quiel

Here's some great makeup advice from Katherine.
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Always start with a clean face
Think of the face as a work of art – everything looks better on a clean, new canvas.
Ask yourself: What is the makeup for?
Know the difference between makeup for a bride, a CD cover, an editorial job, a photo shoot, or other special event.
Communicate with your client
Always ask questions. Knowing the client’s likes and dislikes lets you do your job to their satisfaction. Ask for pictures of makeup work they liked from magazines or books to give you a better idea of what they want.
Good tools are essential
Good quality brushes are as important as your makeup skills. But don’t be afraid to use your fingers!
Be ready to accept constructive criticism
The clients may change their mind about the idea they are trying to convey, so be prepared to turn on a dime to accommodate their needs.
Beware of powder foundations and indoor photography
Some powder foundations contain titanium dioxide as a pigment and sunblock. This interacts badly with camera flashes, making facial skin appear lighter in the photo than the rest of the body.
Take a step back before you let your model step away
Look at the finished work with extreme attention to detail. Is it the look you were going for? Does it have symmetry? Would you do anything else to it? When you can answer satisfactorily, then you are done.
Read magazines
This is the best way to stay current. Makeup magazines and runway shows will help you keep on top of the ever-changing world of makeup.
Try new products before you use them on a client
The first time you use a product should not be on a client. Some products require more touch-ups than others and when time is limited, as on a photo shoot, these touch-ups delay the entire team. Know which products are best suited to the job you’re doing.
Use makeup styles that transcend the fads
Most clients want to be able to recreate the work you do, so make it timeless. For weddings, the makeup style chosen should look good today and, through the photographs, forever. For publications, makeup should be current but not so far advanced that it will have a short shelf life.

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