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Top Ten Tips For Photo Shoots

Tom Carson is a renowned fashion photographer and a judge in our Style Stars Global Hair Contest.

So who better to ask for tips on how to conduct a professional and successful hairstyle photo shoot?
By Tom Carson

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Model, Models, Models
Regardless of what you are selling (hair, make-up, clothes) people always looks at the face first! If your model doesn't look like a model (pretty features, comfortable and confident) then you're just spinning your wheels.
Shoot For Your Audience
Decide which market you are trying to reach. If you are shooting to attract clients, then you need to keep the hairstyle commercially acceptable. If you are shooting for people in the industry, then the styles need to impress other hairdressers.
Attention to Details
Don't be lazy -- finish the whole head. And remember: if you see it, the camera sees it. Sloppy or weak hairdressing is magnified when the subject is viewed in a two-dimensional photo.
Create For The Camera
Styling and all other aspects of the look need to be played up for the camera. It needs to be bigger than life!
Don't Copy Trendy Looks
Yellow make-up and green hair may be hot today but by the time your image hits the press, that look will be yesterday's news. Create your own trend based on what you see becoming popular.
Research the looks, poses and backgrounds that you like. Do a story board of magazine tear sheets that appeal to you. Use these as inspiration but never copy!
Make sure the wardrobe matches the hair. For example, don't create an elegant up-do and then put the model in a t-shirt.
Do your photo shoot as a collection of three or four models. Editors love having a selection of looks that all have a similar theme through styling, make-up, wardrobe, color, and photography techniques.
Talk extensively with your photographer and your models well before the day of the shoot about what kind of look you are going for so the whole team is on the same page.
Model Releases
Always have your models sign release forms allowing you to use the photos in press releases etc.

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