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Top Ten Business Tips For Salons

The beauty and salon industry is in rapid growth mode with more consumers willing to spend more money than ever to update their style.

Successful hair and salon businesses respond quickly to the demand by staying on top of the trends and giving their clients the latest beauty treatments they seek.

With that in mind, here are the top ten business tips from Yellow Strawberry Salon business manager Denise Briggs.
By Denise Briggs

Sales of beauty products and services such as cosmetics, hair care,
skin care and fragrances grew by $500 million in 2005.

-- Information Resources, Inc.
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Public Relations
Crucial to ANY competitive salon business is an excellent public relations/marketing agent.
The web has become a vital marketing tool so seek out a professional web designer and hosting service to create, maintain and update your website.
Salon Service
To provide impeccable service to your clients, consider forming a "Salon Coordinating/Management Team".
Salon Products
Invest in top-of-the-line colors, waves, and retail products from companies that offer education and customer support.
Educational Programs
Keep your hairstylists up to date with the latest trends through regular training.
Apprenticeship Programs
Develop an apprenticeship program that allows your business to expand with in-house staff who understand your salon's expectations and procedures.
Salon Housekeeping
Present the best possible face to the public by keeping your salon neat, clean and organized.
Provide parking that's easily accessible to all.
Local Connections
Network to build connections with beauty editors of local publications to help keep you aware of community events and potential promotional opportunities.
Charity Support
Support your favorite causes; it benefits the charity, makes you feel great, and helps your business to shine.

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