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Makeup: Katherine Quiel

global hair style contest
Global Hair Award 2006

In the history of hairstyling, there has never been a contest for Style Artists with so many prizes of such great value... over $150,000 and growing!

First Prize: Global Hair Award 2006

This award trophy is over 2 feet (61 cms.) tall with a dramatic crystal globe supported by a solid black marble base. The name of the 2006 contest winner will be engraved on the base and their city will be marked with an actual diamond on a map of the world to signify the global reach of this historic contest.

Five renowned style magazines will feature your winning hair design... you'll also get a lock of John Lennon's hair and a three-carat diamond ring... plus free training in leading edge hair techniques and a six-day stay at Hotel Delano, one of the poshest hotels in South Beach, Miami.
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Guarantee Prizes and
Winner's work will be credited (Including photographer and makeup artist)
on all materials published.

World Famous Hairstyle Magazine
Will Feature YOUR Style

The winning hair model will be featured in Hairstyle Magazine, distributed around the world by Harris Publications. Harris Publications is one of the largest privately-owned publishing companies in the world, producing a wide array of magazines with the most current information on hair fashion and celebrity hairstyles. Value of this prize: $5,000.00
Your Hairstyle Also Appears in Haircut & Style Magazine

If your hairstyle wins, it will be featured in Haircut & Style Magazine and be displayed around the world. Haircut & Style magazine is one of the most widely-read hair magazines in the English-speaking world. Coverage in this publication will propel you onto the international stage and bring priceless publicity to your salon.
Prize value: $5,000.00
And in Color & Style Magazine!

Color & Style Magazine, also distributed around the world by Harris Publications, will showcase your winning hair color and style. This global publication is found in salons everywhere, and your name and winning style will become a high-profile feature of an issue of the magazine. This is the kind of exposure that launches careers!
Prize value: $5,000.00
Get Published in Modern Salon Magazine

Modern Salon is one of the most respected professional salon magazines in the U.S. with a circulation of over 127,000. For 85 years, Modern Salon has been the constant leader and voice of the professional salon industry by delivering news and step-by-step education. Your appearance in Modern Salon will be an achievement that most style artists spend their lives pursuing.
Prize value: $10,000.00
See Your Work on The Cover of Total Image

The winning hairstylist in our contest will get the opportunity to work on a professional hair model and the resulting work will be featured on the cover of Total Image magazine, a publication that promotes the latest cuts, colors and hairstyles, read by stylists and their customers.
Prize value: $10,000.00
See Your Name on INSTYLE Magazine in Australia

The winner of the Style Stars Global Hair Contest and ALL finalists will have their names published in INSTYLE Magazine of Australia.
INSTYLE Magazine is one of the largest publications for professional hairdressers in Australia, read by 14,000 subscribers at salons across the country. Instyle is the premier industry hairdressing magazine and is an authoritative source for news, reviews, interviews and tips for the busy salon professional. It defines trends from the worlds of fashion and celebrity.

Incredible! Prize Includes Lock of John Lennon's Hair!

Winner will receive a priceless lock of Beatle John Lennon's hair in a golden frame. Jesse and Flo Briggs, the founders of Yellow Strawberry Global Salons, donated this priceless gift to the Style Stars 2006 contest. This lock of hair contains over 100 strands, is 3.5" long, and includes a verified authenticity statement.
Prize value: $25,000.00
Three Carat Yellow Diamond Ring is Yours

This stunning gold ring encases a rare, three-carat yellow diamond and was worn by Jesse Briggs in more than 300 beauty shows around the world.
Prize value: $10,000.00
Your Very Own Professional Photo Shoot in Miami

If you are the Style Stars 2006 winner, you will receive air tickets for two people to Miami, Florida, for a dinner and model photo shoot directed by hair icons Jesse and Flo Briggs and shot by famed photographer Tom Carson.
Prize value: $15,000.00
Hotel Stay for Two in Miami

Our winner gets a 6-day hotel stay for two people in Hotel Delano, a world-class urban resort located right in the heart of South Beach, Miami. The Delano is situated on its own private beach and contains a landscaped orchard, pool, and rooftop spa that's been described as heaven on earth. Winner will stay at one of the best rooms with ocean view at the top floor.
Prize value: $5,000.00
$5000 Cash on arrival

You'll need some spending money in Miami, so Jesse Briggs will present you with $5000 at the dinner to use as you like!
Personal Training in Balayage Hair Painting Technique

Siggers Hairdressers of Atlanta, Georgia, are the innovators and leaders of the famous Balayage technique of hand painted highlights. This prize provides five days training in the Balayage technique PLUS French haircutting. Prize value: $5000.00
Great Lengths Training Program

Become a part of the Great Lengths exclusive club and the Great Lengths Salon by completing their two-day training program as part of your winner's prize! Great Lengths will provide regional training as well as a full set of Great Lengths application equipment worth $1800.00 plus a full set of hair extensions valued at $3000.00.
Prize value: $4,800.00
Use of the Yellow Strawberry Brand Name

Hair professionals and their clients around the world recognize the name Yellow Strawberry Salons and associate it with leading edge style. As the winner in our contest, you will be allowed to use Yellow Strawberry's name on your salon and become a part of the Yellow Strawberry Global Salon Network for three years for free! You will also receive state of the art education in ALL aspects of salon success. Value of this prize: $30,000.00
Improve Your Management Skills

As the winner of STYLE STARS, you will receive five business days-working side by side with Denise and her management team. These five days (Monday-Friday, 9-5) will be filled with the combination of management skills, salon coordination, administration and marketing tools necessary for a successful operation.

Denise Briggs has literally 'grown-up' surrounded by the Legends of the Hairdressing Industry. Daughter and partner of YELLOW STRAWBERRY Founders, Jesse and Flo Briggs, Denise Has an educational history in Business and Marketing. Today, she operates and oversees two multi-million dollar YELLOW STRAWBERRY Salons in South Florida. Value of this prize: $8,000.00
Two Airline Tickets to Any Destination in The World

n-fruizon™ Body Therapy will present the Style Stars 2006 winner with two airline tickets to any destination in the world.
Value of this prize: $2,500.00
Professional Photo Shoot in Rome

The winning hairstylist in our contest will get the opportunity to work on a professional hair model in Rome with photo shoot directed by Italy's most famous style artist Egidio Borri.
Prize value: $15,000.00
Complete Web Solution for your Salon

Melsis Creations will present the Style Stars 2006 winner with a complete web solution including domain name, two years hosting plan, design, back-end and front-end functionality, Search Engine Optimization, promotion, Online marketing advice and solutions and 12 months maintenance and consultancy.
Value of this prize: $10,500.00